If someone else has cancer

Whether a friend has cancer or you are involved in the care of a relative or partner, you can find the support and information that you need.


Caring for someone with cancer

Get information and advice if you are looking after someone with cancer

Being there for someone with cancer

Many people find it difficult to talk to someone with cancer. Find out how to listen well and offer help, which can make things easier.

Working while caring for someone

Find out more about information while caring for someone with cancer

Caring for someone with advanced cancer

This section is written for anyone who is caring for someone with advanced cancer

Emotional effects

See information and advice about coping with the emotions you may experience if someone close to you has cancer

Carers Week

Find out about how you can get involved with Carers Week 2014, to help us support carers across the UK

Young carers

Are you aged 12–18 and helping to look after someone with cancer? You may be a young carer.

Reach out

If you have a friend or relative who has cancer, you probably want to be there for them, but you might not know what to do to help or you may have trouble finding the right words.