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What is cancer?

An explanation of what cancer is, signs, symptoms and other general information about cancer.

Tests and screening

Read about the various tests which may be used to help diagnose cancer, and the various cancer screening programmes and PSA testing in the UK

Types of cancer

Detailed information about specific cancers, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and other sources of help and support

Cancer treatment

Find out about the different cancer treatments, including detailed information on individual drugs and possible side effects

Living with and after cancer

How to cope with the practical, financial and emotional effects a diagnosis of cancer might have, such as your work, diet, relationships and side effects

If someone else has cancer

If a friend has cancer or you're looking after someone, find the information and support that's there for you

End of life

Learn what is likely to happen, about facing uncertainty and how to get the support you need

Information for teens and young adults

Find out about cancer types, treatments and living with cancer as a teen or young adult

Find information in other languages

We've translated some of our most-requested information into other languages